The articles in the category document the process of starting the missionary paperwork, getting the application in, and details about when and how the mission call comes.

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young man interview with bishop priesthood leader

Standard Missionary Interview Questions

On October 20, 2017, the First Presidency of the Church released…

President Monson on the Divine Inspiration of Every Mission Call

President Thomas S. Monson has testified that divine inspiration…

How and Where to Get the Money to Pay for your Mission

Summary: Figuring out how to pay for an mission is one of the…

Missionary Farewell Talks

On the Sunday before I left for my mission to Rosario Argentina…

Young Men Must be 18 to Receive the Priesthood

I would like to revisit the subject regarding the age in which…

Setting Apart Missionaries

We believe that men and women "must be called of God, by prophecy,…

Missionary Service for Members with Physical, Mental, and Emotional Challenges

I am often asked about the possibility of missionary service…

Prospective Missionary Devotional

Below is a prospective missionary devotional that you can download…

Missionary Age Requirements

Summary: This article discusses the age qualifications for serving…

Mission Call Process Overview

One of the most frequent questions I get on Mormon Mission Prep…

Acceptance Letter

Reading your mission call letter that you receive from the prophet…