Prospective Missionary Devotional

Below is a prospective missionary devotional that you can download and present in your ward or stake. I created this for my stake in 2014, so it is a bit dated now, but still has some good value. You may also want to check out the Mission Prep Class Videos I made in 2020, where I taught the Church’s Mission Prep class to my teenagers and recorded it for others to watch.

As for the prospective missionary devotional, it is designed for high school seniors and others planning to submit their mission application within the next year. I put it together at the request of our stake presidency for them to present in a fireside setting.

It is divided into three sections, so each member of the stake presidency can present a part. The first part of the slide presentation talks about preparing for a mission temporally and spiritually. The second section discusses the mission call process, and the third part talks about some final things new missionaries need to do in preparation for their mission such as getting the priesthood and going to the temple. Feel free to use it in your stakes and wards, let me know how it goes, and contact me if you have any questions.

Click here to download the Prospective Missionary Devotional. There are 50 slides. If you go quickly through the slide deck, you can get through it in about an hour. But if you take your time and go slowly, it can take up to two hours to present.

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