This category of blog posts contains articles designed to help members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in preparing for a mission. The articles are on a variety of topics containing both practical tips for preparing physically as well as many posts on spiritual topics designed to help missionaries be prepared with knowledge and testimony of the restored gospel.

Mission Prep Class: Lesson 1: The Missionary Purpose – Video and Podcast

In this video and podcast, I am teaching Lesson 1 of the…
How to Receive Spiritual Guidance Cycle

How to Receive Spiritual Guidance

In my personal gospel study, I was recently re-reading a…
youth girls and boys walking

Modesty in Principle and Practice

Summary: A review of the doctrines and principles that influence…
doctor writing a prescription

Missionaries on Prescription Medications

In a continuing effort to answer the most pressing questions…
elder sanchez and rowell with smith family rockwall texas may 2018

Elder Sanchez’s Journey into the Mission Field

About a month ago, I believe it was the first Sunday in May,…
young men earning money to pay for mission

Saving Plan for a Mission – PDF for Download and Printing

The following is a formal plan or schedule to help young men…
mission prep and life skills checklist

Mission Preparation Skills Checklist for Youth

Please note that in 2020, I updated this checklist to reflect…

Journal Keeping

A common topic of discussion on this website, for young women…

Preparing to Receive the Melchizedek Priesthood

One of the requirements to serve a mission is for young men…

Helping Missionaries Prepare for the Temple – Adapted from Sacrament Meeting Talk

Of all the things we do in the church, there is nothing more…

Cost of Supplies and Gear Needed to Be Ready to Go on a Mission

Summary: The cost to get ready to go on a mission (to buy clothes,…

Top 10 Reasons the LDS Church Participates in Boy Scouts

Summary: This is a list of the top 10 reasons why the LDS Church…