MTC Missionaries on Sunday Walk at the Temple

Last Sunday, we decided to take our kids on a Sunday walk around the Provo, Utah Temple. Though it was February and the middle of winter, we were having an unseasonably warm day. And with the kids having been cooped up inside most of the winter, a chance for them to get out, run around (as reverently as possible because it was Sunday and we were at the temple), and enjoy the outdoors was just what they needed.

When we got to the temple, we noticed a large group of missionaries standing around the fountains out front.

missionaries at provo temple

We assumed this was a group of missionaries from the MTC which is across the street from the Provo Temple. They were taking pictures, and we thought maybe they were taking some farewell pictures in anticipation of leaving the MTC for their respective missions. We didn’t want to bother the missionaries, so we started walking around the south side of the temple with our kids. But lo and behold, we ran into even more missionaries!

missionaries at provo temple

This time, we had to ask one of the sister missionaries: “Why are there so many missionaries here at the temple?” She answered: “It’s our Sunday walk.” She explained that all the missionaries at the Provo MTC get an hour on Sunday to go on a walk around the temple grounds. It seemed to be one of the highlights of their week. I guess the MTC president came to the same realization about his missionaries that we came to about our kids: it’s hard to keep them cooped up inside all winter long. It’s good to let them go outside and get their energy out 🙂

Later, we ran into this group of missionaries that will be heading to Brazil soon and asked them to pose for a picture with our kids.

missionaries at provo temple

Overall the missionaries were enjoying themselves, walking around, sitting on the grass, getting some fresh air and sunshine.

missionaries at provo temple

The MTC can be an intense experience, learning gospel principles, learning a new language, learning teaching methods, etc. We didn’t get Sunday walks when I was a missionary in the MTC (nearly 20 years ago), and I’m not sure all MTCs across the world have this in their schedule, but I’m glad they give the missionaries at the Provo MTC have this Sunday afternoon break.

All of the missionaries we met were anxious to wrap up their time at the MTC and get out into the mission field, finding, teaching, and baptizing the elect of God. As I told the ones we met that day, we pray for the missionaries each day, and hope they are safe and successful in preaching the gospel and bringing souls unto Christ.

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  1. shari
    shari says:

    All of your posts are informative & inspiring. What a great Sabbath for you and your family to see so many missionaries on the Temple grounds.

  2. pouliofata
    pouliofata says:

    i am so proud of all the comment that had been posted up, even though i am not a missionary right now but i am trying my best to be a missionary in the future…..yes, i know that right now the lords work is harvesting right now but if we have faith in the lord jesus christ everything will be possible…


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