Allan Labrosse Pedersen

Mission Called to: England London South Mission

MTC Entry Date: August 26th 2011

Hometown: Esbjerg, Denmark


Why you are going on a mission? Testimony, or Other Comments: As a young member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I have been offered the opportunity to serve as a missionary for two years in the England London South Mission. This is where church leaders whom I believe to be inspired asked me to serve.

I could have chosen not to go but I do not get to choose where I go. Certainly I might have had my preferences but I found out where in the world I going when I received the official papers of my calling and that’s where I am happy to go.

I go because these are matters of great importance to me. I am happy to go and this is not a burden or chore to me but something I have been looking forward to for a long time and here is why: My beliefs have helped my life for the better, my family is stronger because of it and my friends are closer friends. We share a direction and purpose that goes beyond this life and that all adds depth and perspective to life. This is why I want to share, you too should have the option to see what it might do for you!

You might ask why this is of such importance that it has to be shared and why go and be a missionary?

Because the God I believe in is a living God, not a God in a box that jumps when I say jump but a God whom I can ask for strength when life needs me to be strong, a heavenly Father that wants the best for me in life, not to make life easy that I might not learn but to help me look forward and heal from some of the bruises that comes from learning.

I’ll be a missionary and teach that Joseph Smith was a prophet like those we read of in the Holy Bible, that God hears sincere and honest prayer and the atonement of Jesus Christ is there for all of us. I’ll teach because God’s church has been restored and we again have prophets and apostles that receive revelation and directions from God and because we have one church that is His, not thousands in contradiction with themselves but one that remains constant and true to His word. I’ll teach because His message of a restored church and a living God that cares about all of us, matters and can make a difference!

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  1. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Allan, Congratulations! It looks like you are well prepared, have strong faith, and will make a great missionary. Good luck and God bless!

  2. Sister Funaki 2be
    Sister Funaki 2be says:

    What a gr8 testimony thankyou for sharing ,wOW your testimony has inspired me to step my game up and Prepare the Best I can For my Mission thanks and Goodluck elder .. =)


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