Jordan Kelly

Mission Called to: New Zealand Wellington

MTC Entry Date: 25 April 2013

Hometown: Manchester England

Why you are going on a mission? Testimony, or Other Comments: I know that the worth of souls is great in the eyes of the Savior. Two and a half years ago the savior placed me in the path of two lads who were beacons and tools for the Lord. They gave of their time to show me the love Jesus has for me. I know the church is true as the many blessings I have had have proven that to me time again and I want others to be able of enjoy those blessings of church membership. To feel the love of the Savior and know Heavenly Father’s will for their life.

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  1. Caella
    Caella says:

    Congratulations Brother Kelly! I am from New Zealand, from the Auckland area, though I currently live in Spain. New Zealand is a lovely place, much warmer than Europe! And Kiwis are generally very nice 🙂
    I wish you all the best in my lovely homeland!

  2. robert cooper
    robert cooper says:

    Congratulations Elder Kelly on your decision to serve a mission. As a recent convert Im sure you will have many opportunities to share your experiences and testimony with the “Kiwis” down in the ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL country of New Zealand. I had the opprtunity to travel that wonderful land with BYU as a Ballroom Dancer. Wellington is a GREAT place….with one of the CRAZIEST airports I have ever flown into. New Zealand is the youngest land mass on earth and there are more sheep than people in the country. The country is divided into 2 islands…North and South. The North Island is heavily influenced by the Moari culture…which is facinating!!!!!!The Southern Island is VERY English influenced. Im not sure what your mission boundries are, but ANYWHERE in New Zealand is a GREAT place. You will LOVE it there. The people are WONDERFUL. I had wanted to go to New Zealand on my mission…..alas I was called to a FANTASTIC mission…..Germany Hamburg. I had a WONDERFUL time full of many emotions and growth. I loved my mission. My advice….be obedient, work together with your, companions, PRAY, BE VERY OBEDIENT, dedicate yourself to the work and being an instument in the Lord’s hand, establish a close relationship with the Lord…….this will continue to develope. Be an example to the other missionaries and the people….work with the members….be HAPPY and safe. Again be obedient and thrust in your sickle….and watch what happens!!!!! Good luck to you


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