Sister Paradox

Mission Called to: Brazil São Paulo Interlagos

MTC Entry Date: June 22, 2011–Brazil MTC


Why you are going on a mission? Testimony, or Other Comments: I’m going on a mission because I know that Heavenly Father loves all of His children and wants them to return to Him. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ endows us all with the Spirit so we can make covenants and return to Heavenly Father. Nothing in this life is more important than than returning to Him. Missionary work is the chance to extend a selfless gift of love not only to those we serve, but to Heavenly Father. I want to give that gift to Him. To do so is to labor in the cause of Christ.

In addition, I’m going because I know the value of missionary work. I know what it’s like to convert without missionaries because I was a product of member missionary work. Conversion is easier with missionaries,in my opinion, because you have someone selflessly and personally invested in your transformation. I want to be that force for good in another person’s life as we grow and rejoice together in Jesus Christ.

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