sister missionaries using plan of salvation cards

A Great Way To Teach The Plan Of Salvation

The following is a guest post from Chipper Whatcott. Chipper was born and raised in southern Utah. He served a full-time mission in Mexico City, and now attends Utah Valley University. You can connect with Chipper on LinkedIn.

sister missionaries using plan of salvation cardsTeaching the Plan of Salvation to people investigating The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be difficult, but there is a way missionaries can make it easier for them.

The Plan of Salvation is hard to teach because it’s really complex. As members of The Church, we know about Spirit Prison and Paradise, the Second Coming, the Resurrection, the Final Judgement, and the Kingdoms of Glory. We also have a distinct understanding of the Pre-Earth Life, the Veil, and our purpose on this Earth. Trying to teach that to someone who has never heard of these things is tough. It’s like trying to explain a foreign language.

When I was on my mission, my companions and I would cut out images from church magazines that represented steps in the Plan of Salvation. We’d laminate them and take them around with us to our appointments. It was a great teaching tool, especially for slow learners and children. Approximately 65 percent of the world’s population are visual learners, so it makes sense that this teaching tool was so effective.

While the images worked well, they weren’t ideal. They were all different shapes and sizes. Some were photos and others were hand-drawn images. Due to each image being different in shape and size, they were hard to store. I couldn’t wrap them in a rubber band or put them in a folder, so I just had to throw them in my backpack and hope for the best.

That is when I had the idea for teaching cards. A thin deck of cards would be lightweight, small, and easy to store. It wouldn’t weigh down my backpack, nor would it take up a lot of space.

Missionary with Box of Flagship Teaching Cards

Each deck, which I have dubbed Flagship Teaching Cards, comes in a small, lightweight metal box with a set of 10 ultra-strong, easy-to-use teaching cards. The cards are so strong that they literally cannot be torn by human hands. And they’re water-resistant too.

An added bonus is that none of the images on the cards include written words. This gives a missionary the ability to teach any investigator, no matter the language they speak.

If you would like to purchase a deck of these plan of salvation cards for missionaries, visit the Flagship Teaching Cards webstore.

Flagship Teaching Cards of plan of salvation

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