Redesign and Spanish Version of Mormon Mission Prep

Any of you who have visited Mormon Mission Prep since the beginning of the new year will have already noticed this, but over Christmas break I redesigned the Web site.  Actually, I have done far more than simply redesigning the look of the site, I added a Spanish version of the site and I changed the underlying technology the site is built on. I hope you all enjoy the new site design and new features.  Feel free to give many any feedback you have.

Spanish Version of Mormon Mission Prep

From the beginning, I have wanted to do the site in both Spanish and English.  Up until recently, though, I have used my limited time and resources to simply get the site up and running in my native English.   But with recent requests from readers, and the opportunity provided by the technology change, I decided to go ahead and create a Spanish version of Mormon Mission Prep.

Not all blog posts have been translated yet, but I will slowly be working on them.  What I have translated thus far is about 8 of the most recent blog posts, and most of the other pages in the top navigation menu. I’ve also created a Spanish Facebook page and a Spanish YouTube channel for the mission prep videos, though I’ve only translated one of the videos so far. Here’s a run down of the Spanish and English content:

Mormon Mission Prep Home English Mormon Mission Prep Home Spanish
Mormon Mission Prep Facebook English Mormon Mission Prep Facebook Spanish
Mormon Mission Prep YouTube English Mormon Mission Prep YouTube Spanish
Mormon Mission Prep RSS Feed English Mormon Mission Prep RSS Feed Spanish
Mormon Mission Prep Email Alerts English Mormon Mission Prep Email Alerts Spanish

Under the Hood Technology

For those of you interested in the technical details, I moved the site from being run on the Windows-based, to the Linux-based WordPress.  BlogEngine was okay during the first year of running the site, but I began to run into more and more limitations with it.  WordPress is a powerful free blog platform that provides me all the resources I need to run the site now and long into the future.

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