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Tag Line for Future Site Redesign

When I launched this Web site back in March of this year, it was a bit of an experiment.  I felt inspired to start the site, and, upon doing some research, there seemed to be a need and an opportunity for disseminating mission prep-related material.  In these first few months, the site has proved more successful than I could have imagined.  The site averages about 50 visitors a day and continues to grow.  I am profoundly grateful that so many of you have found the site informative and useful.

Since the site was experimental, it was probably, okay definitely, not designed optimally from the beginning.  In these past few months, I have been aware of some deficiencies of the site through user comments and through Web analytics data.  Therefore, I will be starting a site redesign soon, and I’d love to have feedback from all of you.  If you have any ideas on how to improve the site, from site design to site content, please contact me and let me know how I can do better.

Some of the things I plan to address are:

  • Reduce the clutter and make the site design more clean and simple.
  • Improve the navigation to make prominent the most used content and features.
  • Make the site Mac browser compatible for both Safari and Firefox.
  • Develop a logo for the site, including a tag line.

Need Your Help with the Tag Line

It is with this last item, the site tag line, that I specifically seek your help today.  Website usability expert Steve Krug says a tag line should “actually say something about what you are (“The world’s best source for ice axes”), not a meaningless aphorism (“Taking you ever higher…”). And if at all possible, find a tagline that tells me what differentiates you from everyone else.”

With that in mind, below are some tag lines that I have come up with.  Please vote for the tag line you like best, or, if you don’t like any of them, there is a space at the bottom of the poll to write in your own suggestion.  Thanks so much for the help!mission prep tag line 2009


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