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The Ultimate Missionary Companion, Inspirational Insights on Becoming the Lord’s Missionary is the next missionary prep book I have read and will now review for you.  The book is by Ed J. Pinegar, who served as president of the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT, as a religion professor at BYU, and as the president of the England London South Mission. The book was very enjoyable, had great stories, and as the subtitle indicates, is full of insightful tips to help missionaries.  Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

The Purpose and Joy of Missionary Work

  • “This earth was made only to accommodate the vision of saving souls.” p. 4
  • “When you were baptized you covenanted to be willing ‘to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places’ (Mosiah 18:9)” p.4

Preparing for a Mission

  • “So many people want to win, but as Coach Lovell Edwards says, ‘maybe they don’t want to prepare to win.’” p. 11
  • “You can’t preach faith unto repentance until you live faith unto repentance.” p. 12
  • “If we’re not worthy, we can’t have the Spirit…we can’t preach, we can’t be led, we can’t be directed, we can’t know that things to say.” p.12
  • “Be aware… temptation is real, and Satan desireth to sift you as wheat.  You must pray every day to avoid and overcome temptation.” p.20
  • “Be a prophet for you own soul, receiving revelation from God on things you should do.” p.34

missionaries and provo temple Work

  • “Work ethic is crucial…Every single time an elder has a problem in the mission field is because he is idle.” p.47
  • “The beautiful part about a mission (is) the only thing you do is missionary work…(you) don’t have to think about girls or dates or ask ‘what’ll we do tonight?’ …All you do is eat, drink and sleep the scriptures, pray and ponder and ask how you can bless Heavenly Father’s children so they’ll come to Christ.” p.128 

Being Continually Motivated as a Missionary

  • “We can be continually motivated and successful missionaries if our perception is clear and our motives are pure.” p.57
  • “Our behavior is nothing more than a reflection of the depth of our conversion to Jesus Christ.  The deeper the conversion, the greater the motivation and the greater the Christ like behavior.” p. 59
  • “In our mission we had an attitude of ‘always one more door.’ So we would knock on all the door and one more.” p.62
  • “Don’t you realize how special you are?…You are fulfillment of prophecy…you are one of the noble and great ones saved for this day.” p.63

Communicating and Opening Your Mouth

  • “Be prepared to communicate…If we don’t communicate our message, our message is not heard.” p.75
  • “Don’t go anywhere without opening your mouth…on the streets, at the bus stop, as you’re walking down the street…in the grocery store.” p.87
  • “When we know what Christ has done for us, we will want to open our mouths.” p.90
  • “If the words we utter reflect the feelings of our hearts, the strength of our character, and the depth of our testimony, then the Lord will help us.” p.91
  • When setting an appointment, “tell them it’s a long way to travel,” (p.97) and they’ll be more likely to be there.
  • See my previous post: Open Your Mouth

Bible_book_of_Mormon Using The Book of Mormon as the Key to Conversion

  • “You will never be the missionary you were destined to be until you love and live this book.  It is the key to your converting power.” p.110
  • “The Book of Mormon is the tool that will retain converts better than any other thing.  If we root the people to our sociality, or friendliness, or love, we root them to us instead of to Christ.” p.113
  • “Before our investigators can sense the power and divinity of the Book of Mormon for themselves, they must sense it in us.” p.114
  • See my previous post: The Power of the Book of Mormon

The Mission After Your Mission

  • “You can’t coast after your mission and live on your life of past service…you must continue in your service.” p.166
  • “Remember, with care, the things you learned on your mission and apply them to your mission in life.” p.169
  • “Don’t become commanding and demanding just because you’re home.  You should treat everyone like an investigator.” p.170
  • To paraphrase Brother Pinegar: After you mission, keep reading the scriptures, keep praying, keep going to church, keep doing what is right, keep serving others.  The same formula that worked for your investigators will work for you to stay on the strait and narrow path.


Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for—the giveaway. To enter to win a free copy of The Ultimate Missionary Companion, just leave a comment on this blog post answering this question: Where would you like to go on a mission and why? 

Please, only one entry per person. Entries will be accepted over the next week and I will cut off entries on Friday, November 27, 2009 at midnight Mountain time. The winner will be selected at random, and I will make the announcement the following day.  Good luck.

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  1. A. de Boer
    A. de Boer says:

    I would like to go to one of the county’s of the old sovjet union. For years they had their brains rattled with communist ideas, now capitalism is the new thing,but this” me me first” society can often be as rattling as communism.People need the basics, the peace and love of God, the teachings of the church.

  2. karla
    karla says:

    me gusta mucho esta blog gracias
    mi hermano actualmente sirve en una mision y esto me ayuda para poder escribirle cosas edificantes


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