Be a missionary now by sharing the gospel online. Share your beliefs and share your testimony by sharing the Church content with your friends and family on your Web site or blog.

Picture of the Book of Mormon
Copy this code into your Web site or blog.

Picture of First Presidency at General Conference
Copy this code into your Web site or blog.

Picture of Book of Mormon and Bible
Copy this code into your Web site or blog.

10 replies
  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    Thanks for the great site! I was looking for a place to find the “I’m a Mormon” badge so I could share it with others. Thanks! I also love the widgets.

    Thanks Jimmy!

  2. BG60
    BG60 says:

    I have tried to copy this code into my blog but it says it is broken. I have actually tried all of them above. I must be doing something wrong. Can you please help? Maybe if you could give me an example of the exact thing to cut & past into my blog “add a gadget” Thank you

    Badge courtesy of Mormon Share

  3. Mark Haight
    Mark Haight says:

    I think this is great, one key thing to mission prep is reading and having a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I think it is important that every missionary knows what they are preaching. thank you for your thoughts and tools.

    Mark H

  4. sean
    sean says:

    awesome! As an online missionary myself, these widgets can really help spread the gospel and the Book of Mormon to people. I don ‘t think their impact should be underestimated. Stuff like this can make all the difference. I’ll have to add this page to my favorites!

  5. Karolin
    Karolin says:

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