How young women can encourage young men to serve missions

Vickey Pahnke Taylor is a songwriter, author, and speaker who has spent more than two decades teaching youth and adults with positive messages and motivational themes. She has written songs for the Special Olympics, Make A Wish Foundation, and the Especially For Youth (EFY) program. Vickey has a Masters Degree in Communications, she loves being a “Mom”, and she is the author of ‘Apron Strings – Tender Ties That Bind Mothers & Daughters.’ Whether through music, books, columns, or standing in front of people, she loves the heart-to-heart connection. 

Young Women – Oh, the Influence You Have on the Young Men!

Ladies, you might be amazed at the influence you have on the young men. Really. Even though they may not act like it, they pay [close] attention to what you say and how you act.

One of the best things you can do – for the fellows and for yourself – is to encourage them to go on a full time mission. This isn’t just ‘shop talk’ or a trite reiteration of the counsel we’ve heard [because it’s needed] so many times.

A young man who is focused on serving the Lord full time is going to be more apt to treat young women better. He’s also going to:

  • Learn and grow a lot in the gospel
  • Learn more about service
  • Learn more social skills
  • Gain a better attitude of gratitude
  • Gain a closer relationship with our Father in heaven and with the Savior

His two years of thinking outside of himself and outside of the box will grant him the possibilities to be a much better man when he’s home….which means he will be a better candidate as a husband and a father.

If you have a boyfriend close to the age of heading on a mission, step it up. Please don’t go the route of “don’t leave me….” Or whatever. Sigh…..

young-women-and-young-menI wish I’d kept count of the men who have told me a friend, girl friend, or female ward member made it easier for them to choose to go and serve. Sometimes you might say “just the right thing” that some young guy is waiting to hear. Your good influence may be a deciding factor in his choice to head where he is needed. In turn, his good influence, and testimony of truth, is needed by someone, somewhere, who’s waiting to hear about the gospel.

Smile. Say a prayer. Send a note. Encourage. Get excited about his plans to serve. Share stories of converts that you know about. Listen to his concerns, and give caring, positive input.

President Spencer W. Kimball once said, “Missionary work is the lifeblood of the kingdom. When the blood stops flowing, the Kingdom stops growing.”

Help grow the Kingdom, young women. And help the young men in your life. Help get them on their mission!

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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I am currently dating a boy who is planning on his mission. He and I know that he is going. We have agreed that while he is gone that I will still date other guys, but that I won’t get serious. I do love this boy and have prayed about it. I know that my boyfriend needs to go on his mission and serve the lord with his whole heart. I have decided that while he OS gone I will write him letters, but I am going to focus the point of them on his mission and on his duty to the lord rather than telling him that I miss him. I will miss him, and it will be hard, but he needs to do this and I need to support him.


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