Missionary Portal – Church’s Central Hub for Applying and Preparing to Serve

missionary portal after MORS enabledWhat Is the Missionary Portal?

The Missionary Portal of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serves as the central hub for information and services needed when applying to serve a mission and preparing to leave. The portal provides access to the application system, Missionary Online Recommendation System (MORS), and other preparation and training resources before a mission call is received, and once the call is received, the portal serves as a central location for mission specific information, to-do lists, and checklists for making sure the missionary is ready to go.

The Missionary Portal is located at https://missionary.churchofjesuschrist.org and is the place to:

  • Before You Receive Your Mission Call:
    • Get links to resources to prepare for your mission
    • Fill out your mission application and get it submitted
  • After Your Call Is Received:
    • Download your mission call letter to find out where and when you you have been called to serve
    • Get a checklist of things to do and buy and pack for your mission

Login to the Missionary Portal for Customized Information 

Please be aware that in order to access the Missionary Portal, you will be required to login with your Church Account. Once you are logged in, the website is then able to give you customized information based on your circumstances. It provides relatively light mission prep information if you are not a missionary nor an active applicant. If you are actively applying to serve a mission, a link to the MORS application system is provided. And once you have received your mission call, mission-specific information related to preparing to leave (items to buy, things to pack, etc.) is provided.

If you are considering a mission and visit the Missionary Portal before your bishop has enabled the online application system, you will not see a link to the MORS. (And even if you did have the link, you couldn’t get into it without your bishop enabling it.) But once you have met with your bishop and the two of you have decided that it is time to start filling out the application papers online, then you will see the link.

Missionary Portal After the Call is Received

After your mission application has been processed and one of the prophets has issued your call, your call letter and packet will be posted in the Missionary Portal and you will be alerted via an email and text message that your call is ready to view. No information about your mission assignment will be displayed on the Missionary Portal until you click a button there to indicate that your have read your call letter.

Once you acknowledge that you have read your call, information specific to your mission assignment will be available on the portal. As you can see in the screen shot below, the portal will give you several checklists: Tasks to do immediately (such as send in your acceptance letter), a list of things to buy and bring on your mission, medical to-dos (like immunizations and vaccines), and information on travel to the MTC and your destination mission.

missionary portal after call received

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