Primary Activity on Missionary Work

Last weekend I was asked at the last minute to help with a primary activity on missionary work. This activity was very similar to one I had participated in years ago and for which I had made a little 4 minute video slide show.  Lucky for me, we found the old DVD so I could use it once again. The primary activity had the children divide up into groups and travel from room to room and learn about different places to serve a mission.  I had about ten minutes with each group, so we watched the video, I showed them some souvenirs from Argentina, and I taught them how to say a few words in Spanish.  It was a good little activity, and it got my five-year-old son very excited to serve a mission.  And now, of course, he says he hopes to go on a mission to Argentina some day.  Great choice! As it would be to go on a mission anywhere the Lord calls you to go. So, without further delay, here’s the video.

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