Funny Stories from General Conference April 2014

Funny Stories from General Conference April 2014 including President Monson’s comment to President Uchtdorf “Don’t even think about it” and Elder Bednar’s story that if the couple bought a truck they wouldn’t have money for milk. Also stories from Elder Andersen, Elder Scott, Elder Ballard, and Elder Zwick’s story about his wife jumping out of the cab of a big rig while it was still moving with their baby in her arms.

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    Sidoel says:

    Thanks Mathmom!!!Thank you for pointing out that error I made in plaincg the text. It’s fixed now.I thought the real Wikipedia might have an explanation of P-day, buy, sadly, no.I think that P-day stands for “preparation day.” It’s a day when the missionaries do alternate tasks instead of proselytizing. It can include R & R within certain parameters, depending on the mission rules.Actually, maybe some readers who have served a mission can help explain this better than I can…


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