The Work of Salvation Broadcast: Two Big Announcements on Facebook and Tours of Church Buildings

missionary in front of lds church buildingThe June 2013 “Work of Salvation” broadcast by the Church included a renewed emphasis on member-missionary work, as well as two big announcements for full-time missionaries: Missionaries will use Facebook and other online proselyting tools during slow times, and our church buildings will now be opened to investigators for guided tours by the missionaries.

Both announcements came during Elder L. Tom Perry’s talk:

“During less-productive times of the day—chiefly in the mornings—missionaries will use computers in meetinghouses and other Church facilities to contact investigators and members, work with local priesthood leaders and missionary leaders, receive and contact referrals, follow up on commitments, confirm appointments, and teach principles from [the missionary guide] Preach My Gospel using, Facebook, blogs, email, and text messages.”

“As missionaries enter this new age where they will use computers in the work of the Lord, we invite the young and the old, the adults, the young adults, the youth, and the children everywhere to join with us in this exciting new work by becoming Facebook friends with the missionaries in your area on your own computers and sharing their gospel messages online and by becoming involved in missionary work yourselves.”

Elder Perry also touched on a subject that I think is long overdue regarding our church buildings. I have often thought it a bit strange that our houses of worship say “visitors welcome” on the front, but they are empty most days and many nights and there is no formal way to receive visitors. Elder Perry confirmed that a complaint often received from people interested in the Church is they build up courage to stop by a meetinghouse only to find it locked and empty. He said that Church meetinghouses will now begin to be opened for guided tours by our missionaries. I think this is a wonderful and inspired move that is sure to build good will and lead to growth in the Church.

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