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How to Be an Online Missionary

typing on computer keywordAs a follow up to my post on Church-Service Missions for older couples and single sisters, I’d like to go into a little more detail about how sign up to be an online missionary. This is particularly in response to several people who have mentioned to me that they have the time and resources to be a part-time missionary from home doing computer work online, but they are not sure how to get started.

Search for Opportunities

One of the first thing you will want to do is to learn more about Church-Service Missions and to check out the open opportunities. To learn about the program, go to the Church-Service Mission website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but to search for open opportunities, you’ll need to go to a different website, the Senior Missionary website. Once on the Senior Missionary website, hover over the “Search Opportunities” then click on “Church-Service Mission” link. The page you will then be on will allow you to search for opportunities that can be done from your home, to find those, select the “Serve from home” filter.

As of November 2018, a quick search I performed showed hundreds of opportunities, many doing family history and temple work, which would be done from the comfort of your own home working on your own personal computer. If you find an online or computer-related opportunity that you would be interested in, the postings on the website have instructions on how to obtain more information  click on the “Request Information” link to send a message to the person who listed the opportunity.

The Church encourages members to make contact and discuss service opportunities with the person listed in the posting. This allows potential missionaries and the Church sponsor to determine if there is a good fit. Also remember to prayerfully consider the assignment to determine if the service opportunity is right for you.

How to initiate the mission call

Once you have confirmed that a given opportunity is available and is one you want to pursue, go back to the posting and click the “Submit” button to complete the recommendation form. When you apply for a Church-Service Missionary position on the website, your bishop and stake president are notified. They may meet with you to review the assignment. Church department representatives for that assignment may also contact you to determine if this assignment is a good fit for you. If no changes are recommended, your stake president will formally extend to you the call. Your bishop will set you apart, and you will receive instructions from the assignment supervisor.

Informal Online Missionary Service

Please also remember that you don’t need a formal call to be an online missionary. Recall what President David O. McKay used to say, “Every member a missionary.” This Missionary Prep website that you are now reading is an example of my informal online missionary work. No one in the Church called me or asked me to create this site. I simply felt promoted by the Spirit of the Lord to do it. You too, without a formal missionary calling, can set up a website or blog or social media account or otherwise participate in the online conversation about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. So get out there, find something consistent with your missionary DNA, share your beliefs, try to touch people’s hearts, and in the process you will become an online member missionary, and do great things to move the work of the Lord forward.

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  1. Mandra
    Mandra says:

    Hi !
    My name is Mandra. I am a born again Christian. I want to be an online missionary and to help people in spreading the gospel. Can you help me please. I am located In India, so i want to work as an online missionary.

    God bless you.

  2. Jonas
    Jonas says:

    Hi Mandra,
    This website is a mormon missionary website. I’m not sure they share the same belief you do as a born again christian. There’s many gospels out there, so be sure what message you want to spread!

    In Christ

  3. Fred
    Fred says:

    Good day!
    Get me in, I was blessed with my own new laptop and finally know how to properly use this, perhaps by joining your force. The war continuous from heaven down up to this modern world of computer age. One click away the distance between good site and bad site. Consider me like a small finger nail in the whole part of the body wherein some other way can help your team establishing The Kingdom of GOD. I know Heavenly Father sent you at this time and of this kind of situation that His children can be bind through computer network. Thank you brother for doing your part in the plan of salvation like every priesthood in the quorum doing small things but great in the sight of God, but for you, you make a difference really. Thanks again and keep going. GOD Bless!

  4. Anthony Q.Vaughan
    Anthony Q.Vaughan says:

    I was just called as a Church Service Missionary, Operation Specialist. I will be working at home on computer and with my Branch to spread the Gospel. There is no greater calling than serving Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My service will be for two years but I know that I will be asking for an extension to my calling. You can serve whether you are of age or a senior, this opportunity and calling awaits anyone who is willing and able to serve. I say these thing in the name of Our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen

  5. Sis Miss
    Sis Miss says:

    That is great news as An online missionary! There has been several talks lately about how if a small contribution was seen from each Mormon at the online realm what a quick difference it would make. Instead of texting or always checking Facebook and Instagram, spend some time letting others know what you believe and share.
    Thanks for this article and whether you are serving a mission online or out in the field, stop by our online sister missionary clothing store to see what is available.
    Congrats once again!


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