Senior Missionary Opportunities

LDS senior missionaries offer a unique and valuable service, and opportunities for them to serve are almost limitless. In fact, the Church has wonderful Web site devoted to full-time senior missionary opportunities. The video above was take from that site.

If you have been considering going on a mission as a mature couple, please visit the Web site It has answers to frequently asked questions, a list of current senior missionary opportunities that are open, and instructions on how to apply if you wish to proceed and serve the Lord as a missionary in your senior years.

Elder Russell M. Nelson, in the October 2004 General Conference, said this: “When we think of missionaries, we generally picture in our minds young men with shirts and ties and young women dressed modestly. But along with them are marvelous senior missionaries who have answered the pleadings of prophets and apostles for more missionary couples. I express gratitude for our senior missionaries. They are young in spirit, wise, and willing to work.” (from Senior Missionaries and the Gospel)

A Time to Serve

In April 2001, Elder Robert D. Hales said: “I feel a deep responsibility to speak to you today about a pressing need in the Church. My greatest hope is that as I speak, the Holy Ghost will touch hearts, and somewhere a spouse or two will quietly nudge his or her companion, and a moment of truth will occur. I will speak on the urgent need for more mature couples to serve in the mission field.” (from Couple Missionaries: A Time to Serve)

Four years later, Elder Hales reported back during General Conference of a senior missionary sister who said that back in 2001, “We were sitting in the comfort of our family room enjoying conference on television. . . . As you spoke, my heart was touched so deeply. I looked over at my husband and he looked at me. That moment changed my life forever.” (from Couple Missionaries: Blessings from Sacrifice and Service)

Senior Missionaries are Blessed and Bless Others

Elder Hales continued, “Every missionary experience requires faith, sacrifice, and service, and these are always followed by an outpouring of blessings…And what marvelous blessings they are! After 51 years of marriage, I was asked, “What part of life would you want to live over again?” I did not hesitate to reply, “When my wife and I served together in the great missionary work of the Lord.” The sentiments of another missionary couple echo those of my wife and myself: “Our decision to go on a mission brought new vigor, new emotions, new friends, new places, new challenges. It brought us closer together as husband and wife; we had a common goal and a real partnership. And best of all, it brought new spiritual growth, instead of spiritual retirement.” Brothers and sisters, let us not go into spiritual retirement.”

Serve as Only You Can

Concluded Elder Hales, “My brothers and sisters, if you have felt stirrings to engage in this work, however quiet those feelings may be, do not procrastinate the day of your service. Now is the time to prepare; now is the time to be called, the time to sacrifice. Now is the time to share your gifts and talents, and now is the time to receive God’s blessings for you and your family. “There is a constant need for more couple missionaries,” President Gordon B. Hinckley has said.  As this work rolls forward, that need is increasing. Let us, in our richest years of experience, maturity, wisdom, and most of all, our faith, rise to meet that need as only we can.”

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  1. Keith
    Keith says:

    There has been a call for more young elders and more senior couples to serve, but I also noticed on the Hungary mission blog, that several senior single sister are serving in Young Adults Outreach centers, wonder if senior single sisters know about such service possibilities:

  2. Jerry and Peggy Duke
    Jerry and Peggy Duke says:

    We would enjoy microfilming, office workers, church visiting sites, or humanitarian. Jerry and Peggy Duke


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