Mission Preparation for Women and How It Differs from Men

Mormon Women MissionariesSister missionary specific inquiries from young women considering a mission are among the most common questions I get on this missionary preparation website. Because my perspective is that of a man, I have been unable to fully answer many of these questions. So I decided to reach out to several of my family and friends of the fairer sex to get their thoughts on some of these common sister missionary related questions about mission preparation for women.

This is the first in a series of articles geared especially to young women who are considering a mission or already preparing to serve in that capacity some day.

How is missionary preparation different for women than men?

“It is different in that there is always that chance that you won’t go. In a way it is a little more difficult because it is not an automatic next stage in a woman’s life like it is for the Elders. Other preparations would be spiritual, financial and physical, just like Elders.” Laura Daniels, Argentina Neuquen Mission

“Mission prep is different for a sister missionary in that we are older when we go out – we are more set in our lifestyle, and it is often times more difficult for sisters to adjust to having a companion 24/7, and having a schedule that they have to follow. We make our own decision to go – we are not commanded to go, but we still must decide to be perfectly obedient, even when it is difficult.” Jessica Rex, Arizona Tucson Mission

“We buy dresses, and they buy suits. LOL.” JoLynn Hansen, Texas, Houston East Spanish Speaking Mission

“I don’t know that preparation for a mission is much different. You have to be physically and spiritually strong, you have to know the gospel, you have to have a deeply rooted testimony, you have to have a desire to serve and share the gospel. Both young men and young women need all of these things.” Wendi Condie, Montana Billings Mission

“I would say that missionary preparation for both men and women are the same. It includes living a good life, and doing the little things that we are encouraged to do every day. Reading the scriptures, praying, serving, and trying our hardest to be in tune with what the Lord would have us do in our lives. Serving a mission is a wonderful opportunity, but it is also challenging in every way possible. There are very few things that I have done in life that have come close to the challenges that I had on my mission. If you are close to the Lord and trust in His will that is the best preparation that you can have.” Katie Gividen, Russia Rostov-na-Dony Mission

“Men know of this life event for generally their whole entire lives, where women are not always preparing for it. So I’ve noticed that, financially, missions can be very straining for women, where some men have been saving up since they were little.” Emily Craghead, Arizona Tucson Mission

What are your thoughts on the differences in mission prep for women as opposed to men? Please share your comments.

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